Information on getting your first Spray Tan

Are you nervous about getting your first Spray Tan?

Beach Bunnie wants to help ease your mind.   We have put together a few easy steps that walk you through the entire process to ensure a flawless airbrush tan.

#1  Do your research and make sure you are confident in the salon you choose.

  • How your tan is applied is crucial in the results you will achieve.  Some quick and easy research of nearby salons will help you choose one you are most confident with.  Keep in mind sometimes scheduling an appointment may be necessary.

#2  Don’t be afraid to talk to your technician.

  • Beach Bunnie loves to talk and we can walk you through the entire spray tan start to finish so you know exactly what we are doing and why.   Also, by hearing what your desired color preference is Beach Bunnie is able to create a perfect custom solution to your skin tone.

#3  What to wear during a spray tan?

  • The first question you should ask yourself is, do you prefer a tan lines or not?
    • If you are shy, feel free to wear your bikini.  Keep in mind you WILL have a very defined bikini tan line.
    • If you are modest, keep your bottoms on.  This way you can keep an eye on your tan as it begins to fade away.
    • If you are comfortable, feel free to shed your clothing.  This is the only way to ensure you have no tan lines.
    • Which ever method you prefer keep in mind you must wash your clothing within 24 hours to prevent staining.

#4  Spray Tan for a wedding or big event?

  • If you want a spray tan for your wedding or another big event Beach Bunnie suggests you have a trial run at LEAST two weeks in advance.  We are confident in what we do but we want you to be just as confident.  After you get your first spray tan you will know what to expect and the showering process so when it comes time for your big day you can get the optimum results you desire.