Information on what to do to prepare for your Spray Tan appointment.

One of our favorite questions is, what do I have to do to prepare for my spray tan?  Below we have explained what one should do before a spray tan.

-Shower, exfoliate, and shave the night before your spray tan.  The key to this step is to not use any oil based products as they are known for leaving a film or residue on the top layer of the skin.

  • Do NOT apply lotion after you bathe.  This again will leave a residue and your tan will not develop properly.

One of Beach Bunnies secrets to perfection is actually shaving your bikini area the first shower after your spray tan.  That’s right, we said after.  This is because the bikini area hair follicles tend to hold a significant amount of solution during the spray tan process, so to avoid any dark looking pores shave after.    Due to the hair follicles holding the solution don’t worry we promise your bikini area will remain tan even after you shave.

  • Wear any loose fitting clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Our favorite example is, a loose fitting t-shirt and sweat pants.  Leave your yoga pants and jeans at home.  The fabric is too tight and thick, it causes your tan to absorb into the material.
    • Flippies for your feet are highly recommended but not required.
  • Avoid wearing deodorant as scary as that sounds.  It is called an antiperspirant for a reason, it blocks any transfer of liquid.  Meaning, you will have white pits and a tan body.
  • We provide makeup wipes and facial cleansers.  You can remove any makeup upon arrival.

Enjoy your tan!